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Identifier: Aberdeen University Library, Special Collections MS 483, 68-69

Transcribed from a volume of scribal copies of Pennant's original letters to David Skene. The copies are likely the work of Alexander Thomson, who on his death in 1868, bequeathed the collection to Aberdeen University Library. See Colin A. McLaren, ‘Reports and surveys of archives in northern Scotland’ in Northern Scotland: A Historical Journal, Volume 1 (1972), pp.115-125.

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Cite: 'Thomas Pennant to David Skene 12 August 1770' in Curious Travellers Digital Editions []

Dear Sir

I give you many thanks for your kind favor and for your agreable intelligence: be assured that I have not forgot my promise; I should be ashamed to be unmindful of your favors so far as to neglect you without some shew of reason. I have begun the list of the ores &c. I mean to send. I only waited till the gentleman who is to paint your birds; has restored them to me that I may not be worse than my word but return them safely to you. My next letter will bring you the catalogue; and advice that the box is set off: You must wait with a little patience, as I am to set off to morrow on a Tour through the Welsh Alps a country I am sorry to say far inferior in point of grandeur to the Highlands.

I am now printing my synopsis of Quadrupeds which is to appear next winter: and much about the same time my second and last part of Br. Zool. illustrated &c. to consist of the same number of plates with the first. I shall do myself the of sending [sic] it as soon as it appears.

Please to make my compliments to Mr. Oglevie and let him know I shall soon do myself the pleasure of writing to him.

I am with true regard Dear Sir
Your obliged and
faithful humble Servant

Tho. Pennant

Aug. 12th. 1770.