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Identifier: NLW 5500C, no. 4
Editors: Transcribed by Ffion Mair Jones; edited by Ffion Mair Jones; encoded by Vivien Williams. (2019)

Mr Pennant presents his Compliments to Mr Bull & many thanks for his trouble about the fine impression of the Dance of Death. Begs his patience till next week in respect to the G.P. Welsh tour,1 which was left at Ealing2 last year.

Richard Bull esqr | Stratton street | Piccadilly.

[Stamp (postmark)] triangular: [...]
[Stamp (handstamp)] Sr CL[...]R W J

Editorial notes

1. GP = great paper. Pennant may here be referring to his own extra-illustrated A tour in Wales (1778) (see here [external link] and here [external link]), which he would have been prepared to show other like-minded illustrators such as Bull and, possibly, Gulston (see note 2, below).
2. Correspondence from Foote Gower addressed to Pennant at Great Ealing, Middlesex in April 1778, and from Pennant to his son, David at 'Great Ealing by London' in January 1779, is found at WCRO CR 2017/TP241 and /429. It seems likely that David Pennant was a pupil at Great Ealing school. Note also that Ealing Grove in Middlesex was the home of the book and art collector Joseph Gulston, transformed into an Italianate villa following his marriage in 1767. ODNB s.n. Joseph Gulston.

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