[Unknown], [Unknown] Commissioners of Customs and Excise in Scotland
[Unknown], Columba, St Columba , Colum Cille Columb the Clerk
[Unknown], Clement V, Pope Clement V Raymond Bertrand de Got
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Philip IV Philip the Fair
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown] yr highlander
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown] master of the ship
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Mary
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Asaf St Asaph
[Unknown], George III Regem
[Unknown], [Unknown] fowler
[Unknown], [Unknown] groom
[Unknown], [Unknown] Coachman
[Unknown], Fingal, Fion Mac Dhuil Fingall
[Unknown], James I of Scotland
[Unknown], Fáelán Amlabar, St Fillan St Filan
[Unknown], Duncan Donnchad ua Maíl Choluim,
[Unknown], William Augustus Duke of Cumberland,
[Unknown], Ossian Ossien
[Unknown], Bera Bera the Aged,
[Unknown], Mego
[Unknown], Fraoch
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], William, William the Lion William I
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Charles I Ch. I.
[Unknown], Henrietta Maria
[Unknown], James of Preston
[Unknown], Henry VIII
[Unknown], Henry III
[Unknown], Edward I Edw 1mo
[Unknown], Henry IV, King Henry 4th; Henry 4; Henry; the King , Henry, Duke of Lancaster Henry, Duke of Hereford
[Unknown], Henry VII Earl of Richmond
[Unknown], James I James VI of Scotland
[Unknown], Edward III
[Unknown], Henry III
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown] Archbishop of Grenada in Gil Blas
[Unknown], Louis XVI
[Unknown], Beatrix
[Unknown], Edward VI
[Unknown], Isabella Clara Eugenia
[Unknown], Elizabeth
[Unknown], Catherine
[Unknown], Bernice
[Unknown], Philip
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown] Conde de Lemos
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Carlos III
[Unknown], Thalestris
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Joseph II
[Unknown], Catherine II
[Unknown], Henry Henry V
[Unknown], Edward II
[Unknown], Frederick
[Unknown], William
[Unknown], Augusta Sophia
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Charles Philippe Charles X of France
[Unknown], Henry V
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Duff Duffus
[Unknown], Malcolm III, Malcom Ceann Mòr , Malcolm Kanmore , Malcom Canmore , Thane of Fife King Malcolm Ceanmore
[Unknown], Helgy Helgey
[Unknown], Sigurd
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown] a Lady
[Unknown], Charlemagne
[Unknown], Dolly
[Unknown], Homer
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Eve
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Kitty
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Paul
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Maria
[Unknown], Bertie
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Lucy
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], George I
[Unknown], Egbert
[Unknown], Henry I
[Unknown], Harry V
[Unknown], David
[Unknown], Goliath
[Unknown], Cuthbert
[Unknown], Aldhun Aldwin
[Unknown], Andrew
[Unknown], Plato
[Unknown], Aristotle
[Unknown], Pythagoras Pythogarus
[Unknown], Diogenes
[Unknown], Hector
[Unknown], Daniel
[Unknown], Catherine
[Unknown], Mary
[Unknown], Charles II
[Unknown], David I
[Unknown], Peter III
[Unknown], Jane
[Unknown], Alexander
[Unknown], Nearchus
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown] Duke of Ancaster's family
[Unknown], Fergus
[Unknown], [Unknown] master of the Inn
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Noah
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Cormac mac Airt [Cormac ua Cuinn, called Cormac Ulfhota] Cormac, Rè Erin
[Unknown], Diarmaid, Dermid o'Dhuin Dermid
[Unknown], Patrick [St Patrick, Pádraig]
[Unknown], Oscar Oscur
[Unknown], Cairbar Cairbar Riogh
[Unknown], Cuchullin Cú Chulainn
[Unknown], Arthur
[Unknown], Talliesan
[Unknown], [Unknown] the Landlady
[Unknown], [Unknown] the Landlord of Buxton
[Unknown], [Unknown] The Gentleman who officiated [the service]
[Unknown], [Unknown] a Clergyman
[Unknown], Merlin
[Unknown], Vortigern
[Unknown], [Unknown] Negus
[Unknown], Fáelán Amlabar, St Fillan St Filan
[Unknown], Louis Stanislas Xavier
[Unknown], [Unknown], Duke of Luxembourg , Duke of Luxemborgh
[Unknown], Frederick William II
[Unknown], Marie-Antoinette
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown] Thomas Pennant's butler
[Unknown], Louis-Charles the Boy King
[Unknown], [Unknown] "old æsculapius of Worcester"
[Unknown], Francis II
[Unknown], [Unknown] Imperial General
[Unknown], Paul I
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Harriet Maria Lady Malmesbury
[Unknown], Angus
[Unknown], Kenrick
[Unknown], James IV
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Malcolm II
[Unknown], Hengist
[Unknown], Horsa
[Unknown], Odin
[Unknown], Bendis Anait
[Unknown], Ti anTi
[Unknown], Anahit Anaitis
[Unknown], Augustus
[Unknown], Diana, Diana the Anait , Anait , Orsilochi Orilochi
[Unknown], Artaxerxes II
[Unknown], Cybele Terra Mater
[Unknown], Hannibal
[Unknown], Antisthenes Antistines
[Unknown], Plestorus
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], William I the Conqueror
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], [Unknown]
[Unknown], Jupiter, Zeus Jove
[Unknown], Saturn
[Unknown], Juno
[Unknown], Claudius
[Unknown], Hercules
[Unknown], Somerled SumerLed
[Unknown], Ragnhild
[Unknown], Edward IV Ed. IV.
[Unknown], James III
[Unknown], Margaret [Margaret of Denmark]
[Unknown], Magnus IV
[Unknown], Alexander III
[Unknown], Alpin
[Unknown], Nero
[Unknown], Arminius
[Unknown], Canus
[Unknown], Galba
[Unknown], Moses
[Unknown], Hesiod
[Unknown], Cleopatra
[Unknown], Apollo, Grinneus Appollo , Appollo Grannus , Gruagich Gruagach
[Unknown], Brittanicus
[Unknown], Uggerus
[Unknown], Belis
[Unknown], Euripides
[Unknown], Cnut [Canute] Canute
[Unknown], Claudian
[Unknown], Oran
[Unknown], Domitian
[Unknown], Porphyry of Tyre
[Unknown], St Laurence
[Unknown], Adomnán [St Adomnán] Adamnanus
[Unknown], Hanno Hanno the Carthaginian
[Unknown], Moluag [St Moluag] Maluag
[Unknown], Cormac
[Unknown], Gimrack
[Unknown], Thomas
[Unknown], Ryno
[Unknown], Branno
[Unknown], Toscar
[Unknown], Virgil
[Unknown], Amaryllis
[Unknown], Minerva
[Unknown], Comala
[Unknown], Socrates
[Unknown], Aristides
[Unknown], Themistocles
[Unknown], Thetis
[Unknown], Charles XII
[Unknown], Adam
[Unknown], Methuselah
[Unknown], Amphitrite Madame Amphitrite
[Unknown], Amphion
[Unknown], Richard II
[Unknown], Achaius
[Unknown], Luke
[Unknown], Zeno of Elea
[Unknown], Phaethon phæton
[Unknown], Aeolus Eolus
[Unknown], Neptune Poseidon
[Unknown], Edwin Edwin Pr. of Engelfield
[Unknown], Benlli Benli
[Unknown], Hygieia
[Unknown], Ethelreda Æðelþryð or Æþelðryþe; Audrey,
[Unknown], Tondberct, Prince of South Gwyre
[Unknown], Egfrid King of Northumbria Ecgfrith
[Unknown], Ernulf Arnulf, Ernulfus, Ernulphus
[Unknown], Wulfrice
[Unknown], William
[Unknown], Penda
[Unknown], Henry of Huntingdon
[Unknown], Henry VI
[Unknown], Philip the Good
[Unknown], Mary Princess of Orange
[Unknown], Edmund 1
[Unknown], Malcolm I Máel Coluim
[Unknown], Saint Herbert
[Unknown], King John
[Unknown], Saint John the Baptist
[Unknown], 'Geographer of Ravenna' 'the Ravenna cosmographer'
[Unknown], Edward II
[Unknown], Saint Bega
[Unknown], Antonius Pius Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Pius
[Unknown], Richard III
[Unknown], Emperor Hadrian Adrian
[Unknown], Ynyr Ynir
[Unknown], Ynyr the elder Ynir
[Unknown], Emperor Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander
[Unknown], David II, King of Scots
[Unknown], Godric St Godric of Finchale
[Unknown], Gregory XIII
[Unknown], Oswiu Oswy
[Unknown], Hild, St Hild St Hilda
[Unknown], Peter
[Unknown], Ælle Ella
[Unknown], Ívarr Ivar
[Unknown], Osberht Osbert
[Unknown], Anthony Antony
[Unknown], Branwen Bronwen
[Unknown], Somerled Somairle, Somhairle, and Somhairlidh, and in Old Norse as Sumarliði
[Unknown], Jove Jupiter
[Unknown], St Mary
[Unknown], Gwenllïan Gwenlyan
[Unknown], Illtud
[Unknown], St Æbbe Ebba
[Unknown], George I
[Unknown], Devorguilla of Galloway Devorgilla
[Unknown], Cai Cei
[Unknown], Queen Anne
[Unknown], Geographer of Ravenna
[Unknown], Malcolm IV
[Unknown], Robert III
[Unknown], Dunegal, Laird of Strathnith Dunenald
[Unknown], Alphonso XI, King of Castile
[Unknown], Philip II of Spain
[Unknown], William III
[Unknown], Saint Kentigern Saint Mungo
[Unknown], Pope Nicholas V
[Unknown], Thomas of Lancaster
[Unknown], Pope Julius III
[Unknown], James II
[Unknown], Saint Paul
[Unknown], Ishmael
[Unknown], Alan Lord of Galloway
[Unknown], Saint Bede, Bæda Venerable Bede
?Curmiss, [Unknown]
?Gwen, [Unknown]
?Mander?, [Unknown]
?R/Bose, [Unknown]
?Read?, [Unknown]
?Waining, [Unknown]
Aberdeen, [Unknown]
Adair, John
Adam, John
Addenbrooke, Thomas
Addison, Joseph
Aelfgar, [Unknown], Algar Alfgar
Aelianus, Claudius Ælian
Aethelred Lord of the Mercians , Aethelred Ethelred
Aethelred son of Penda, Aethelred son of Penda
Agar-Ellis, Henry Lord Cliffden
Agard, Arthur, Agar Agarde
Agrippa, Marcus Menius
Albani, Francesco Albano
Albin, Eleazar
Alexander, Christian Frederick Charles Margrave of Anspach
Alexander, Boyd
Alexandrinus, Clemens, Clemens Alexandr , Titus Flavius Clement Clement of Alexandria
Alison, Archibald
Allan, William
Allan, John
Allen, Joseph Mr Allen
Allen, [Unknown]
Alley, Hugh
Alves Rebello, David
Amidas, Philip
Anderson, James Dr Anderson
Anderson, William
Anderson, [Unknown]
Anderson, [Unknown]
Anderson, [Unknown]
Anquetil-Duperron, Abraham-Hyacinthe
Anson, George 1st Baron Anson, Admiral of the Fleet
Anstis, John
Antilochus, [Unknown]
Ap Maredudd, John John Wynne
Ariosto, Ludovico
Aristotle, [Unknown]
Armour (later Burns), Jean Mrs Burns
Armstrong, [Unknown]
Armstrong, Andrew
Armstrong, Archibald Archy
Armstrong, Johnnie
Arnot, Hugo, Hugh Arnot Pollock
Ashley, James
Ashton , Family
Astle, Mr
Astley, Philip
Aston, William
Aston, [Unknown]
Athro, Dafydd Ddu David Athro
Aubrey, John
Auld, William Aulde
Austen, [Unknown]
Avery, Joseph Avery
B., [Unknown]
Bacchus, [Unknown]
Bacon Schutz, Susan
Bacon Schutz, Harriet
Bagot, Lewis
Bagot, Mary Mrs Bagott
Bagot, Walter
Bagot, William
Bailey, John, Bayley Bayly
Baillie, Joanna
Baker, [Unknown]
Baker, George
Baldwin, Thomas Baldwyn
Balfour, James
Balfour, John
Balliol, Edward
Balliol , John de
Bamford-Hesketh, Robert
Banks, Joseph
Barclay, Robert
Barker, Thomas
Barker (nee White), Anne Anne White
Barras, Jean-Nicolas-Paul-François, vicomte de
Barrington, Daines
Barrington, Samuel Barington
Bartolozzi, Francesco
Barton , Bernard
Basire, James
Baskerville, Thomas
Bauer, Georg Georgius Agricola
Baxter, Andrew
Baxter, William
Bayard, [Unknown]
Bayley-Paget, Henry Lord Uxbridge
Bayley-Paget, Jane
Bayly, Nicholas Sir R. Bayley
Bayning, Elizabeth Lady Dacres
Bayning, Paul
Beamont, William John
Beaton, David Betoun, Beton, Bethune
Beattie, James
Beauchamp, William Lord of Abergavenny
Beaumont, Thomas Richard
Beckford, William Aldern. Beckford
Bedford, William
Bek, Antony Anthony Beck
Belcombe, Mariana Marianne
Belinus, [Unknown]
Bell, [Unknown]
Bell, John
Bell, [Unknown]
Bellot, Hugh
Benasgell, Arddun
Bennelong , Woollarawarre Baneelon
Bennett, Richard Henry Alexander
Bennett, junior, Richard Henry Alexander
Bentinck, Margaret Cavendish
Bentinck, William Earl of Portland
Berkenhout, John
Bernera, [Unknown] Berneray
Berriman, [Unknown]
Bertie, Georgiana Charlotte
Bertie, Peregrine
Bertie, Robert
Bertie, Peregrine
Bethune, [Unknown] Olla Ilich
Bethune, [Unknown], Olla Ilich Ollamh Iilich
Bettiss, George
Beuno, Saint
Biddulph, M
Biddulph, Robert Colonel Middleton
Bingham, Margaret
Bingley, William
Bisset, James
Black, [Unknown]
Blackadder , Robert Blacader
Blackburne, Anna Blackburn
Blackburne, John Blackburn
Blackburne, Johnathan
Blackburne, John (Botanist)
Blacklock, [Unknown]
Blair, Hugh
Blair, James Hunter
Blair, [Unknown]
Blinshall, James
Bludworth, Anne
Bodley, Sir Thomas
Bodvel, John John Bodvil
Bodvel, Elizabeth
Bodvell, William Billy Bodvel
Boece [Boethius], Hector, Boethius Boetius
Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonnaparte; Buonaparte
Boniface of Rosemarkie [St Boniface, Curetan]], [Unknown]
Booth, [Unknown]
Boothby, Brooke Prince Boothby
Borgognone, Ambrogio
Borlase, William
Boswell, James
Boswell, Alexander
Boteler, John
Boteler, Thomas
Boudicca, [Unknown] Boadicea
Boulton, Matthew Mr Bolton
Bourne, Giordie Burn
Bowdler, Henrietta Harriet Bowdler
Bowes, Anna Maria
Bowes, [Unknown]
Boyd, Zachary
Boydell, John
Boyle, George
Boyle , Mary, 2nd Duchess of Queensberry
Bradshaigh, Sir William Bradshaw
Bradshaigh, Mabel Bradshaw
Bradshaigh, Roger II
Bradshaigh [(née Guise], Rachel
Bradshaigh [Family], [Unknown] Bradshaw
Bradshaigh [née Murray], Mary
Bradshaw, Henry
Braithwaite, Richard
Brandling, [Unknown]
Brandon, William
Brennus, [Unknown]
Brereton, Owen Salusbury
Bretherton, James
Bridgetower, Maria Mary Ann
Bridgetower , John Frederick
Brigantes, [Unknown]
Brisbane, Thomas Makdougall General Brisbane
Brisson, Mathurin Jacques
Brodie, [Unknown]
Brodie, [Unknown]
Brogyntyn, Owain Owen Brogynton
Bromely, George
Brook, Pusey
Brooke, Richard Brook
Broster, Peter
Broughton, Valentine
Broughton , Sir Thomas
Brown, John
Brown, [Unknown]
Brown, [Unknown]
Brown, Lancelot Capability Brown
Brown, [Unknown]
Browne Powlett, Jean Mary
Brownrigg, William Brownrig
Bruce, James
Bruce, Robert The Bruce
Bruce, John
Bruce, George George Bruce of Carnock
Bruce, William
Bruce , Marjory de Brus, 'Queen Bleery'
Bruce [née Rollo], Elizabeth-Cecilia
Brudenell, James
Brudenell, [Unknown]
Brudenell (née Waldegrave), Elizabeth Lady Cardigan
Brunnich, Morten Thrane, Brunnick, , Mo:Th: Brunnick, , Martin Thrane Brunnich, Brunnich, M. T.
Brunswick, Caroline of Princess of Wales
Brus, Robert de
Brutus, Marcus Junius
Brutus, Lucius Junus
Bryce, Alexander
Brydges, James, 1st Duke of Chandos
Brydges (née Wells), Anne
Brydydd Mawr, Cynddelw Cyndelw Brydydd mawr
Buchanan, George
Buchanan, [Unknown]
Buchanan, [Unknown]
Buchanan, [Unknown]
Buchanan, [Unknown]
Buck, Samuel
Buck, Nathaniel
Bulkeley, Elizabeth Lady Bulkeley
Bulkeley, Thomas
Bulkley, John
Bull, Richard
Bull, Elizabeth
Bull, Catherine Susanna
Bull, Kitty
Bureaux, Jean Xavier
Burk, Edward
Burk, [Unknown]
Burlington, [Unknown] Ld. Burlington
Burn, Richard
Burns, Robert
Burrell, Peter
Burrell, William
Burrell, Sophia Raymond
Burrell, Amy
Burslem, William
Burt, [Unknown]
Burt, [Unknown]
Burton, Robert
Bury, née Campbell, Charlotte
Butler, James
Butler, Eleanor Lady Ealenor Butler
Butler, John
Butler, John
Butter, [Unknown]
Byron, George Gordon Lord B
C., [Unknown]
Cadell, Thomas Cadel
Caesar, Julius Cæsar
Calderòn, Rodrigo
Calfrey, Elizabeth
Callander, John Callendar
Calvely, [Unknown] Calveley
Camden, William Cambden
Cameron, [Unknown]
Cameron, John
Cameron, [Unknown]
Cameron, [Unknown]
Cameron, Donald Lochiel
Cameron, Charles
Cameron, Bishop John
Camidge, William
Campbel, [Unknown]
Campbell, John Mr Campbell of the Bank
Campbell, John Ld Broadalbine
Campbell, John, Duke of Argyle D: of argyle
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, [Unknown] Mrs Campbell of Achalader
Campbell, [Unknown] Mr Campbell of Achalader
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, Daniel Campbell of Shawfield
Campbell, Frederick
Campbell, Willielma, Viscountess Glenorchy Lady Glenurchay
Campbell, [Unknown] Mr Campbell of Lochdochart
Campbell, [Unknown] Mr Campbell of Achlyne
Campbell, James
Campbell, John Lord Cawdor
Campbell, John, Earl of Bredalbane Lord B.
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, Augusta
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, John
Campbell, George William marquis of Lorne
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, John
Campbell, Duncan Duncan Dubh
Campbell, Callain Naine
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, Ronald
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, John
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, John
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, John
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, [Unknown]
Campbell, John Laird of Calder
Campbell, Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll
Campbell (née Gavin), Mary
Campbell Carrick, [Unknown]
Campbell [formerly Callander], James Col. Callander
Campbell [née Villiers], Caroline Elizabeth
Campbell of Glenorchy, Colin
Canor, [Unknown]
Canterbury, [Unknown]
Capel-Coningsby, George Earl of Essex
Capell, George
Capellanus , John
Capper, James
Carausius, Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus
Carew, Elizabeth Dame Southcote
Carmichael, Thomas, fifth Earl of Hyndford
Carr, Ralph Car
Carr Ibbotson, Henry
Carracci, [Unknown]
Carryl, Mary Mary Clark
Carter, George
Carter, John
Carter, John Carter of Westminster
Cary, Robert, Earl of Monmouth
Castelmoron, François-Xavier de Belsunce de
Catcott, Alexander
Catesby, Mark
Catherine of Valois, [Unknown]
Cavendish, William
Cavendish, Lord George
Cavendish, William
Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, William Henry
Cawdor, [Unknown]
Cazalet, [Unknown]
Cecil, Brownlow
Cecil, Diana
Cecil, Brownlow Lord Exeter
Cecil, James, Lord Salisbury
Cecil, Margaret
Cecil, Robert
Cecil, Edward Viscount Wimbledon
Cecil, Henry Lord Exeter
Chalmers, Thomas
Chaloner, Thomas (the younger)
Champneys, Thomas Swymmer Champnes
Champneys, Thomas
Chanres, [Unknown]
Chapman, George
Charleton, Rice
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Chichester, Arthur
Chisholm, John
Chisnal, Sir Edward
Chiswell, Richard Muilman Trent
Chiswell (née Jurin), Mary
Cholmondelay, George James
Christ, Jesus
Christian, John
Christie, Thomas
Christie, Alexander
Churchill, Awnsham
Churchill, John, Duke of Marlbro Marlborough
Churchill, Charles
Churchyard, Thomas
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Clarendon, [Unknown]
Clarges, Louisa
Clarke, Richard Clark
Cleaver, William
Clerk, John John Clark of Penycuik
Clerk, John
Clerk, James
Clerk [née Adam], Susannah
Clerk-Maxwell, George Clarke, Clerk, Clerke, Clerk
Clifford, George
Clifford, Margaret
Clifford, Anne Lady Ann Pembroke
Clifford, Sir Robert Baron of Appelby
Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland , Sir George
Clinton, Henry
Clinton, William Henry Colonel Clinton
Clive, Edward Lord Clive
Closs, Robert
Clough, Richard Sir R. clough
Clough, Roger
Clough, Thomas
Clough, [Unknown]
Clough, senior, Richard Shone a Cloch
Cochrane, Thomas, 8th Earl of Dundonald 8th Earl of Dundonald
Cochrane, Basil
Cochrane, William, Earl of Dundonald Cochran
Cocks, Edward Charles two children; fine boys
Cocks (née Nash), Margaret my Daughter
Cocks, junior, John Somers two children; fine boys
Coenrad, [Unknown]
Coetmor, Hywel, Howel coytmor Hoel coytmor
Coke, Mary
Colebrooke, Sir George Colebrook
Collen, Saint
Collins, William
Collinson, Peter
Colquhoun, Humphry
Colquhoun, James
Colquhoun, James, 1st Baronet of Luss
Colquhoun, Robert
Colquhoun, Alexander
Colquhoun, Sir John
Compton [née Maclean Clephane] , Margaret
Comyn, John, Lord of Badenoch Cummin, 'Red Comyn'
Constable, William
Conway, Henry Seymour
Conway, Henry Seymour
Conway, Elen
Conway, John John, aer hen, Conwey
Conway, Mr
Conway (née Stanley), Jonet
Cook, James
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, James
Coote, Eyre
Corbet, Richard Corbett
Corbet, Uvedale Sr.. Uvedale Corbett
Corbet, Richard Corbett
Corbett, Mildred
Corbett, Elizabeth
Cordiner, Charles Mr Cordiner
Coritani, [Unknown], Corieltauvi Coetani
Cornaro, Catherine The Belle Laura
Cornewall, George Cornwall
Cornewall, Velters Walters Cornwall
Cornovii, [Unknown] Cornavii
Cornwallis, Charles
Cotton, Robert
Cotton, Lynch Lynche Cotton
Covell, Thomas
Cranfield Berkeley, George
Craven, William Ld.. Craven
Crawford, Thomas Craufurd,
Crawford, William
Crawshay, Richard, Mr Crawshay Mr C
Crew [Crewe], Nathaniel Crue
Crewe, Emma
Crewe, John
Crichton, James The Admirable Crichton
Crichton, John
Crichton, James Chrighton
Crichton , Robert, Lord Elliock Creighton
Cristall, Joshua
Cromwell, Oliver Cromwel
Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik Cronsted
Crosthwaite, Peter Crosthayte
Crozat, Joseph-Antoine
Crwthers , Bon y Glor
Crœsus, [Unknown]
Cumberland, Richard
Cumberland Fletcher, [Unknown]
Cunningham, [Unknown]
Cunningham , James, 14th Earl of Glencairn
Cunningham Fairlie, William
Curthose, Robert, Robert Duke of Normandy Robert Carthouse
Curwin , Henry
Curzon, Nathaniel
Cust, Richard
Cust, Brownlow Mr Bronlow Cust
Cuyp, Aelbert
Cynddelw, [Unknown] Cyndhelw
D. Barnet, Monmouth
Dahl, Michael
Dale, David
Dalrymple, David, Lord Hailes Hailes, Lord Hailes
Dalrymple, James Dalrimple
Dance, Nathaniel
Dansey, Matty Mrs Plymley
Darby, Letitia
Darell, [Unknown]
Darnley, Henry
Darwin, Erasmus
David, W
Davies, Robert
Davies, Hugh
Davies, John
Davies, John Dr. Davies
Davies, Elizabeth Mrs Davis
Davies, Mrs
Davies, Peter Whitehall
Davies, [Unknown] Mr Davies
Davies (née Mytton), Anne
Davies Shipley, William
Davies of Gwysaney family, [Unknown]
Davison, Alexander
Davy, Humphry
Dawkins-Pennant, George
Dawson, William
Dawson, John
Dda, Hywel Howel Dha
De Lucy, Anthony De Lucie
De Blundeville, Ranulf
De Castro, Palomino
De Commines , Phillipe de Commynes or De Comines
De Fonte, Bartholomew
De Gernon, 4th Earl of Chester, Ranulf, Ranulf II Randle Gernouns
De Holland, Duke of Surrey, Thomas
De Lancaster, William, Lord of Kendal
De Lucy, Richard De Lucie
De Salis, [Unknown]
De Walton , William
Deceangli, [Unknown], Cangi , Ceangi Decangli
Delmé, Peter
Delmé, John
Delmé Radcliffe, Emilius Henry
Denman, [Unknown]
Denman, [Unknown]
Derham, William
Derrick, Samuel
Desmond, Catherine Lady Desmond
Devereux, Walter
Dewar, [Unknown]
Dickenson, Samuel
Digby, Venetia née Stanley
Digby, Kenelm
Digby family, [Unknown] Digbies
Dingwall, [Unknown]
Dinning, [Unknown]
Diocletianus, Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletian
Dioscorides, Pedanius
Dixon, Abraham
Doddington, George Melcombe
Dodsworth, Roger
Domna, Julia
Don, Alexander
Don [née Cunningham], Henriet
Donald More Ludir Macilenlan, [Unknown]
Donaldson, Alexander
Dorset, [Unknown]
Douglas, [Unknown]
Douglas, Francis F.D.
Douglas, Archibald James Edward
Douglas, Jane
Douglas, Charles
Douglas, Margaret
Douglas, [Unknown]
Douglas, William Duke of Queensberry
Douglas, Archibald
Douglas, Archibald
Douglas, James, Earl of Douglas
Douglas, William, 1st Duke of Queensberry also 3rd Earl of Queensberry and 1st Marquess of Queensberry.
Douglas, James, Lt. Gen.
Douglas , James Laird of Drumlanrig
Douglas , Earl Archibald 'the Grim' 'Black Archibald'
Douglas , Earl William
Douglas , Archibald, 4th Earl
Douglas , Sir James 'The Black Douglas'
Douglas , George, Ist Earl of Dumbarton
Douglas , William, Earl of Morton
Douglas , James, 2nd Duke of Queensberry
Douglas , Sholto
Douglas , Archibald, 1st Duke of Douglas
Douglas , James, 7th Earl of Douglas
Douglas , James, 4th Earl of Morton
Douglas , Archibald, 1st Earl of Ormond Earl of Angus
Douglas, Earl of Ormonde, Hugh
Drakeford, [Unknown]
Draper, William
Drayton, Michael
Drow, Blethyn
Drummond, [Unknown]
Drummond, Robert Hay
Drummond, James, 1st Duke of Perth
Drummond-Burrell, Peter Robert Lord Gwedyr
Drummond-Burrell [née Drummond], Sarah Clementina
Dudley, Robert, Dudly Earl of Liecester
Duff, James, earl of Fife
Duff, William, earl of Fife
Duff, Creely
Duff [née Grant], [Unknown]
Duff [née Sinclair], Dorothea
Dugdale, William
Duke of York , James
Dumnonii, [Unknown] Dunmonii
Dumouriez , Charles-François du Périer
Dunbar, James, 4th Earl of Moray 6th Earl of Moray (TP's error)
Dunbar, Agnes Black Agnes
Dunbar of Westfield , Sir Alexander
Duncan, Charles
Duncan, Mary
Duncan, Adam
Dundas, Lawrence, Sir L. Dundas , Sir L.D. Sir Lawrence Dundas of Kerse
Dundas, Thomas
Dundas, Henry
Dundas, [Unknown] Dundass,
Duplin, Constantia Lady Betty Duplin
Dutton [Family], [Unknown]
Dyer, John
Dyson, Joseph
Eade, Mary Anne
Eade, William
Eade, William Aislabie
Eadwine, [Unknown] Edwin
Ealdgyth, [Unknown], Algytha
Earl of Northumberland, Gospatrick Gospatric
Eddowes, Joshua
Eddowes, William 'a son'
Edmondson, Joseph Emondson
Edmondson, Philip
Edmund II, [Unknown] Edmund Ironside
Edward the Elder, [Unknown] Edward
Edwards, James
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Mostyn
Edwards, William
Edwards, Robert
Edwards, [Unknown]
Edwards, George
Edwards (née Davies), Jane
Edwards family, [Unknown]
Efell, Cynric Kynric Evell; Kyric
Efell, Einion Eineon Evell
Egerton, Francis duke of Bridgewater
Egerton, Thomas
Eginton, Francis Mr Egerton
Eidingtoun, James
Elder, [Unknown]
Eliott, George Augustus Elliot
Elizabeth I, [Unknown], Queen Q. Elizabeth
Elliot, Charles
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, [Unknown]
Ellis, John
Ellis, William
Elphinstone Fleeming, Charles Admiral Fleming Elphinstone
Elyot, Thomas Sir John Elliot
Empress Helen, [Unknown], Saint Helena of the True Cross , Helen Mother of Constantine , Saint Helen Elen
Erkard, [Unknown]
Erskine, David Steuart Ld. Buchan,
Erskine, Thomas
Erskine [née Chiesley, Cheislie], Rachel, Lady Grange Lady Grange
Eryri, Rhys Goch Rhys Coch yr Eiryri
Essex, [Unknown]
Ethelfleda, [Unknown]
Evan John, John
Evans, John
Evans, Evan
Evans, Margaret, Marged Ferch Ifan Marged uch Ifan
Evans, Eyton
Evelyn, John
Ewbank, [Unknown] Eubank
Ewer, John
Eyre, James
Eyre , Samuel Eyres
Eyres, William
Eyton, Hope Wynne
Eyton, Margaret
Eyton, John
Eyton, Kenrick
Eyton, John ap Ellis Johannis ap Elis Eyton
Eyton, William Wm Eyton
Eytons of Leesood family, [Unknown]
Faden, William
Fairfal, [Unknown]
Falconer, James
Falconer, Elizabeth
Falconer, Thomas
Falconer, [Unknown]
Falconer, [Unknown], Halkertoun Halkerton
Falkner, Thomas
Fall, Robert
Fall, [Unknown]
Family of Yeale, [Unknown]
Farrington, Richard Mr Farrington
Faulder, Robert Falder
Faulkner, James
Feilding, Cecilia Cecilia, Countess of Denbigh
Feilding, William, 1st Earl of Denbigh
Fell, Thomas
Fell [née Askew], Margaret
Felton, John
Fenelon, François Fénelon
Fenton, Richard
Ferber, Johann Jakob
Ferguson, Johnny
Ferguson, [Unknown] Fergusson
Fernández de Velasco, Juan
Fielding, John
Fincastle, John
Fittler, James
FitzAlan, Walter, Steward of Scotland
FitzGibbon, John
FitzMaurice, John Hamilton Lord Kirkwall
Fitzalan, Edmund Edmond Fitzallan Earl of Arundel
Fitzalan, Richard (II) Richard the son of Edmond
Fitzalan, Richard (III) Richard his son
Fitzalan, Thomas Thomas Earl of Arundel; Thomas Earl of Arundel and Warren
Fitzalan, [Unknown]
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, Pamela
Fitzgerald, William Robert
Fitzherbert, Maria Anne
Fitzmaurice, Thomas
Fitzmaurice, Anna Maria Lady Kirkwall
Fitzmaurice (née O'Brien), Mary his Lady
Fitzpatrick, John Lord Upper Ossory
Fitzpatrick, Richard
Fitzpatrick, Barnaby
Fitzwilliam, William
Flaidd, Rhirid Ririd Vlaidd
Flavius Valerius Constantius, Constantine Constantine I, Constantius Chlorus
Fleetwood, Charles General Fleetwood
Fleetwood, Bridget Ireton
Fleming, John
Fleming, Michael le
Fleming, [Unknown]
Fleming, Adam
Flemming, [Unknown]
Flesher, [Unknown]
Fletcher, Malcolm
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, [Unknown]
Foley, Thomas
Folkstone, [Unknown]
Forbes, William
Fordyce, [Unknown]
Fordyce, [Unknown]
Forster, Johan Reinhold
Forster, (Johann) Georg Adam
Forster, [Unknown]
Forster, [Unknown]
Forster, [Unknown]
Fortunatus, Venatius
Foster, John
Foulis, Robert
Foulis, Andrew
Foulis, James
Foulkes, [Unknown] Foulks; Jack Foulkes
Fox, Charles James
Fox, Caroline Miss Fox
Fox , George
Francia, François Louis Thomas
Fraser, Alexander Frazier,
Fraser, Peter Frazier,
Fraser, [Unknown]
Frazer, John Frazier
Freebairn, Charles Mr Freebairn of Ilay
Freind, Robert Dr. Friend
Fuller, Thomas
Fullerton, [Unknown]
Fychan, Owain Owen ap Madawc
Fychan, Meurig, Meiric Vychan Meiric filius Ynir Vychan
Fychan, Ynyr Ynyr Vychan
Fychan, Ednyfed
Fychan, Myfanwy, Myfanwy Vechan , Myfanwy
Fychan, Ithel Ithel Fach; Ithel Vachan
Fychan, Ieuan, Jevan Vychan Ieuan Fychan ap Ieuan ap Adda
Fychan, Vychan, Angharad ferch Hywel ap Ithel
Gage, Thomas
Gall, Franz Joseph Gall the Phrenologist
Gamm, David Dafydd Gam
Garanhir, Gwyddno Gwiddno Goronhir
Gardner, William
Garnet, [Unknown]
Gaunt, John of
Geach, Francis
Geary, Francis
Gell , John
Gerard, John
Gerard, William
Gerbod, [Unknown] Gherbod
Gestlin, [Unknown]
Gethin, Maurice
Gethin, Ann
Gibbons, Grinling
Gibson, Richard
Gibson, David D.G.,
Gibson, Edmund
Gibson, Walter
Gifford, John
Gillespie, [Unknown]
Gillespie Graham, James
Gillow, Richard
Gilpin, Bernard Bernard Gilpin of Carlisle,
Gilpin, William
Girardelli, [Unknown]
Gleck, [Unknown]
Glendower, Owen Glendwr
Gloucester, Robert Robert Earl of Gloster
Glyndwr, Owain, Owen Glendower, Glendower, Glendwr, Owen Glendowe , Owen of Glendowrdy , Owen Glendwyr , Owen ap Gryffydd , Owen Glendwr Owen Glyn dwr
Glynn, John
Glynne, John Chief Justice Glynne
Goch, Iolo Iolo Gosth
Goddard, [Unknown]
Goddard, Maurice Capt Goddard
Godwinson, Harold
Golborne, John Golburne
Gold, Louis French servt, Lewis
Goldsmith, Oliver
Goodall, Walter
Goodman, Gabriel Dr. Gabriel Goodman, Dean of Westminster
Goodman, Godfrey Bishop Goodman
Goodwin, Peter
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Robert Robert Gordon of Straloch
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, Thomas
Gordon, Anna
Gore, John
Gorme, Donald
Gosling, [Unknown] Mr Goslin
Gossaert, Jan, Mauvise , manvire , manvize John de Mabeuse
Gouan, Antoine
Gough, Richard
Gough, David, Coch y Pennant Goch a Pennant
Gower, Foote
Grafton, [Unknown]
Graham, James, third duke of Montrose
Graham, Humphrey
Graham, James Montrose,
Graham, William Duke to Montrose
Graham, Lucie
Graham, [Unknown]
Graham, Thomas General Sir Thomas Grahame, Lord Lyndock
Graham, Mary Maria
Graham, [Unknown]
Graham, William
Graham, Robert
Graham , Sir Richard
Graham of Claverhouse, John Bonnie Dundee, Dundee,
Grahame, [Unknown]
Granger, James Grainger
Grant, Archibald
Gray, James
Gray, Alexander
Gray, Thomas
Gray, [Unknown]
Green, Charles
Greenwood, John
Gregorson, Angus Mc.Gregor of Durrin
Gregorson, John
Gregory, Mark
Gregory, James
Grenville, Charlotte
Greville, George
Greville, William Fulke
Grey, Reginald
Grey, Thomas Philip de
Grey, [Unknown]
Grey, [Unknown]
Griffith, Moses, my Servant-painter , my artist , Mr Griffyth , Gryfith , Mr. Gryfyth ,
Griffith, Margaret
Griffith, Evan Mr. Griffith
Griffith, Margaret
Griffith, John Wynne
Griffith, Thomas
Griffith, Jane
Griffith, junior, Moses
Griffiths, William
Grose, Francis
Grosvenor, Robert
Grosvenor, Richard, Lord Grosvenor lord Grosvenour
Grub, John
Guise, John
Guise, John
Gulston, Joseph Gulstone
Gwydir family, [Unknown]
Gwynedd, Owain, Owen Gwynedh Prince of North Wales , Owen Gwinedd Owen Gwynedd
Gwynedd, Hywel Howel
Gómez Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba, [Unknown]
Gómez de Sandoval, Francisco
Hacker, Arabella
Haggerston, Carnaby Sir C. Haggerstone
Haistwell, Edward
Halkin, Elizabeth Jones of Halkin
Hall, [Unknown]
Hall, [Unknown]
Hall, [Unknown]
Hall, Thomas
Hall, John
Halliarde, [Unknown]
Halton, Nigellus Nigel of Cotentin
Hamilton, Archibald
Hamilton, Douglas
Hamilton, Gavin
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, [Unknown]
Hamilton, Robert Montgomery
Hamilton, James, 2nd Earl of Arran 'Regent Arran'
Hamilton, James, Lord Abercorn
Hamilton, James, 8th Earl of Abercorn
Hamilton, James, 8th Earl of Abercorn
Hamilton , Sir James, 1st Lord Hamilton
Hamilton , James, 1st Duke of Hamilton
Hamilton , William, Earl of Lanark and 2nd Duke of Hamilton
Hamilton , James, 4th Duke of Hamilton Duke of Brandon
Hamilton , James, 1st Duke of Châtellerault, 2nd Earl of Arran
Hamilton , James, 2nd Lord Belhaven
Hamilton , Claud, 1st Lord Paisley
Hamilton , John
Hamilton Buchanan, John
Hamilton [née Burrell], Elizabeth Anne
Handel, George Frideric
Handel, George Frideric
Hanmer, Walden
Hanmer, Thomas
Hanmer, William Willim Hanmer
Hanover, George II
Hansard, Luke
Hapsburg, Charles V
Harclay , Andrew Harcla
Harden, [Unknown]
Harley, William
Harley, Edward Lord Oxford
Harrington, Sir John
Harriot, Thomas
Harris, James
Harris, John
Harrison, Thomas Mr Harrison
Hart, William Neville
Hartley, Mary
Hasselquist, Fredrik
Hastings, Warren
Hastings (née Chapuset), Anna Maria Apollonia Hastings
Hatfield, Thomas
Havell, William Have;
Hawker, C
Hawkwood, John
Hay, John
Hay, Thomas, ninth earl of Kinnoull, Ld Kinnoul
Hay, James, 13th Earl of Erroll
Hay-Drummond, Thomas Robert Eleventh Earl of Kinnoull
Hay-Drummond, Robert Auriol, 10th Earl of Kinnoull
Haygarth, John
Hayley, William
Hayman, Anne
Hearne, Thomas, Thomas Hearn
Hebburn, [Unknown]
Heemskerk, Jacob van
Hen, Coel, Coel Godebog Coil Godhebog
Henderson , Alexander
Henley, Anthony
Henri IV, [Unknown] Henry the 4th
Henry II, [Unknown]
Henry III, [Unknown]
Hepburn, James Earl of Bothwell
Her Grace of York, Frederica Charlotte Ulrica Catherina
Herbert, Edward
Herbert, Richard
Herbert, George Edward Henry Arthur
Herbert, William
Herbert (née Newport), Magdalen
Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke, Henry Lord Pembroke
Hervey, Frederick Augustus
Higden, Ranulf Roger Cestrensis
Hill, Richard
Hill, Noel Lord Berwick
Hinchcliffe , [Unknown]
Hindmarsh, [Unknown] Old Hindmarsh
Hixon, W
Hoare, Richard
Hoare, Sophia
Hoare, Henry Merrik
Hoare, Richard Colt
Hobart, Henry
Hobbes , Thomas Hobbs
Hodsoll, Michell, and Stirling, [Unknown]
Hogarth, William
Hogg, James The Ettrick Shepherd
Holbein, Hans, the younger
Holland, Owen
Holland, Owen
Holland, John
Holland, Henry
Holland (née Davies), Margaret
Holland, 3rd Duke of Exeter, Henry
Holland, Duke of Exeter and Earl of Huntingdon, John
Hollar, Wenceslaus
Holt-White, Thomas Thomas White
Home, Henry, Lord Kames Kames, Kaimes,
Home, John, Jo Hume Hume
Hood, Samuel
Hood, Alexander Lord Bridport
Hood, Robin
Hooker, William Jackson
Hooper, Samuel
Hope, John
Hope, John
Hope, James, Lord Hopeton Hope-Johnstone
Hope, John
Hope, Charles
Hope, William Johnstone
Hope Johnstone, Anne
Hope, then Eyton (née Davies), Elizabeth
Hopkins, [Unknown]
Horsley, John, Horsly Horsely
Hotchkiss, Nancy
Hotham, [Unknown]
Hotham, Charles
Howard, Frances
Howard, Thomas
Howard, Charles
Howard, Isabella Caroline Lady Cawdor
Howard, Henry
Howard, Thomas
Howard, [Unknown] Lady Betty
Howard , Lord William 'Bald Willie'
Howard (née Talbot), Aletheia
Huddleston, John Father Huddleston
Hudson, William
Hudson, Jeffrey
Hughes, Edward
Hughes, Mary
Hughs, Henry Hughes
Humberston Crawley, John Mr Humberston
Hume, David
Humphreys, Thomas
Humphreys (née Davies), Mary
Hunt, Thomas
Hunt, George
Hunt, Harry
Hunter, John
Hunter, William
Hutcheson , George and Thomas
Hutchinson, [Unknown]
Hyde, Edward Ld. Clarendon
Ingham, Oliver Oliver de Ingehan
Ingleby, John
Innes , Isobel
Innes Ker, James
Iorwerth Ddu, [Unknown]
Ireland, Samuel
Ireland, Thomas
Irvine, Ellen Fair Helen of Kirkconnel
Irvine of Cove, [Unknown]
Isobel Chaum, Cameron
Isted, Barbara
Ixion, [Unknown]
Jackson, William Mr Secretary Jackson,
Jackson, Cyril Dean of Christchurch
James-Carstairs , Bruce
Jarvis, John
Jeffreys, John
Jeffreys, Robert
Jeffreys, [Unknown]
Jeffreys, George George Jefferies
Jeffreys, John John Jefferies
Jeffreys, Margaret
Jervais, Thomas Jarvis
Joan, [Unknown], Jane Sioned
Joan, Lady of Wales, [Unknown], Siwan
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Cornelius Jansen
Johnstone, Laird of Johnston, Warden of the Western Marches , Sir James Johnson
Jones, John
Jones, Thomas J. Jones
Jones, Richard
Jones, Inigo
Jones, [Unknown]
Jones, Thomas Mr Jones
Jones, John Paul Paul Jones
Jones, Edward
Jones, William Todd
Jones, William
Jones, Edward Chambres
Jones, Hugh
Jones, Richard
Jones, Evan
Jones, [Unknown]
Jones, John, Col. Jones Regicide Jones
Jones, Rhys Rice Jones
Jones, Jane
Jones, Maurice
Jordan [Phillips], Dorothy
Julius Agricola, Gnaeus Agricola
Jupiter, [Unknown]
Kalm, Pehr Peter Kalm
Kay, John Barber, barber artist, barber painter, Mr Kaye, Edinburgh barber
Keate, [Unknown]
Keay, Andrew Key
Keith, George, Earl Marischal Lord Marischall
Kemble, John Philip
Kennedy, John, eighth earl of Cassillis Lord Cassillis,
Kennedy, [Unknown]
Kennedy, Margaret Kenedy
Kennedy, Archibald
Kenrick, [Unknown]
Kent, George
Kent, William our first Modern Gardiner
Kenyon, Lloyd
Kenyon, Roger
Ker, [Unknown]
Ker, John Duke of Roxburgh
Ker, Mary
Kerr, William Henry Marquiss of Lothian,
Kerr, Caroline née D'arcy
Kincaid, [Unknown]
King John, [Unknown]
King Stephen , [Unknown] Earl of Moriton and Bologne
Kippis, Andrew
Kircher, Athanasius
Kirkpatrick Sharpe , Charles
Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, Sir Roger
Kirkwall, [Unknown]
Kneller, Godfrey
Knight family, [Unknown]
Knox, John
Knyvett, Katherine
Kramer, Wilhem Henrich
Kynaston, Humphrey, Wild Humphrey Kynaston Henry Kynaston
Kynaston, Francis
Kynaston, Francis
Kynaston family, [Unknown]
Kynynmound , Gilbert Elliot Murray Sir Gilbert Elliot
Kyrle, John Man of Ross
La Luzerne, Anne-César de
La Touche, Peter Peter Le Touch
Lacy, Henry de Henry Lacy
Lacy, Edmund
Laing, Malcolm
Lambert, John
Lamont, James Laird Lamont
Lampridius , Aelius
Lancaster, House of
Landor, Walter Savage Mr Lander
Lane, [Unknown]
Lascelles, Peregrine
Laud , William
Lautie, James
Lawrence, [Unknown] St Laurence,
Lawson, Adam Mansfeldt de Cardonnel Mr Cardonnel,
Lawton, Charles
Lawton, John
Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, George-Louis Le Buffon
Lee, Henry, Lea
Lee, Rowland Leigh
Legat, Francis
Leicester, John
Leighton, Francis
Leland , John Leyland
Lely, Peter Lily
Lennard, Francis
Lennox, Charles
Lenthal, Rowland Sir Rowland Lenthall
Leofric, [Unknown]
Lerpiniere, [Unknown]
Leslie, Charles
Leslie , David, earl of Leven and Melville Lord Levin
Leslie , John, 1st Duke of Rothes
Lestrange, Roger Roger L'Estrange
Lestrange, John John L'Estrange
Lestrange, Hamon Hamon L'Estrange
Lestrange, Roger
Lestrange, Eubulus
Lestrange, John baron L'Estrange
Lestrange, Joan
Lever, Ashton
Lewis, Matthew Gregory Monk Lewis,
Lewis, [Unknown] Mr Lewis
Lewis, [Unknown]
Lewis, [Unknown]
Leyden, John
Lhuyd, Edward, Llwyd the annotator of Camden
Lightfoot, John
Lightfoot, Stephen
Lilburne, Robert
Lind, James
Lindsay, [Unknown]
Lindsay, David
Linnaeus, Carl
Lister, Anne
Lister, James
Lister, William
Livingston, John
Livingston-Campbell, Alexander
Livingstone, Thomas Levinstone, Levingston,
Lloyd, Bell
Lloyd, Mrs
Lloyd, Frances
Lloyd, [Unknown]
Lloyd, John Mr Lloyd
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, [Unknown]
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, [Unknown]
Lloyd, [Unknown] ten children
Lloyd, Edward of Pengwern
Lloyd, Edward
Lloyd, Elizabeth née Mostyn
Lloyd, Griffith
Lloyd, Llewelyn
Lloyd, Helena
Lloyd, Evan
Lloyd, Thomas
Lloyd, Evan
Lloyd (née Williams), Martha my Lady
Lloyd, Caerwys, John Bloddy; Blodda
Lloyd, Hafodunos and Wigfair, John
Lluddocca, [Unknown]
Llwyd, Humphrey Humfry Lloyd
Llwyd, Dai Dai Lhuyd
Llwyd, [?Ed] Dai [?Ed] Dai Lhuyd
Llwyd family, [Unknown]
Llwyd o Nannau, Meurig Meirig Llwyd o Nannau, ab Meirig Vychan
Llwyddog, Elen, Elen of the Hosts , Saint Helen Elen Luydawc
Llyd, [Unknown]
Llywarch Hen, [Unknown] Lhowarch Hen
Locker, Williams Captain Locker
Lofthouse, [Unknown]
Loftus, Charles Tottenham Lord Ely
Logie, [Unknown]
Longespée, William William earl of Salusbury
Longman, Thomas
Loraine, [Unknown] Lorraine
Loraine, [Unknown] Lorain
Lord Harries, Maxwell of Terregles, John
Lorrain, Claude, Claud , Lorraine , Claude Gellée le Lorrain
Lort, Michael
Low, George
Low, Peter
Lownds, Mr
Lowther, James
Lowther, Sir John
Lowther , Sir William
Lowther, 4th Baronet, Sir James,
Lumley-Saunderson, George
Lumley-Saunderson, Richard
Lupus, Robert
Luther, Levinia
Luther, John
Luttrell, Henry
Luttrell, Henry Henry Lawes Luttrell
Luttrell, Anne Duchess of Cumberland
Lyon, John, 8th Lord Glamis 8th Lord Glamis
Lysons, Daniel
Lysons, Samuel
Lysons, junior, Daniel
Lyttelton, George Littleton
Lyttelton, Charles
M., [Unknown]
Mac Cuian, Ruory
Mac Fergus, Uthred
Mac-Farlane, [Unknown] Laird of Mac-Farlane,
MacArthur, Donald
MacArthur, [Unknown]
MacDonald, Norman Scalpa
MacDonald, Flora
MacDonald, [Unknown]
MacDonald, William MacDonald
MacDonald, Donald Balloch
MacDonald, Ranald
MacDonald, [Unknown]
MacDonald, Angus Duchamus
MacDonald, [Unknown]
MacDonald, Alexander
MacDonald, [Unknown]
MacDonald, [Unknown]
MacDonald, Allan
MacDonald, [Unknown] Macdonald
MacDonald, James
MacDonald, Ewen Greemishnish
MacDonald, [Unknown]
MacDonald, Ronald
MacDonald, John
MacDonald, John
MacDonald, Donald
MacDonald, Angus, Macdonald Angus Óg MacDonald
MacDonald, John
MacDonald [née Stewart], Margaret
MacDougall, Alexander, MacDougal , Dunolly Dunollie
MacDougall, [Unknown], MacDougal , McDougal McDougal Junior
MacDougall, Duncan MacDougal
MacDougall, [Unknown], Mc. Dougall of Lunga Macdougal
MacDougall, [Unknown]
MacDougall, [Unknown]
MacEachan Macdonald, Neil
MacGregor, [Unknown]
MacGregor, Dougal
MacGregor, [Unknown]
MacGregor, [Unknown]
MacGregor, Katharine
MacGregor Murray, John
MacGregor Murray, Evan
MacGregor [later Campbell], Robert [known as Rob Roy] Rob Roy MacGregor
MacIntyre, [Unknown] McIntyre Junior
MacLachlan, [Unknown]
MacLean, [Unknown] Boreray
MacLean, [Unknown]
MacLean, Peter
MacLean, Lachlan, Toerloesk , Torloisk Maclean
MacLean, Margaret Maclean
MacLean, Maria
MacLean, Charles Mr Mclean of Morven
MacLeay, [Unknown] Mc. Leay
MacLeod, John of Raarsay
MacLeod, William Lord Bannatyne
MacLeod, [Unknown]
MacLeod, James
MacMhuirich, Niall, Niel Macbhurich
MacMhuirich , Lachlan, MacMhuirich , Mac bhurish Lauchlan
MacNab, [Unknown]
MacNab, Robert McNab
MacNeil, [Unknown] MacNeil of Taynish