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Dear Sir

I send with shame as much of my Tour from London to Dover that my old secretary has done. He is grown I fear more than usually drunken; & has brought his work very dirty. I hope it may be purified with the indian rubber. If not I would recommend you to get it again copied (at home) by one of the many exquisite writers you have in London. yr cost for this will not amount to 40 Sh. I hope you will like moses's title page & a bird on one of the margins.

The little etchings of his are only Essays done many [...] years ago.1 you will find in the parcel two others: part of Fountains abby better done. you will also find duplicates of relatives to Canterbury, which you will want for the M.S. is there [?cover] to flogging scene of Henry. II? Did I send you at any time etchings of the Am. birds by M. Griffith. He can furnish you with many drawings for Wales; but not for London, any. Pray send yr list of the former.

I think I have a set of the Zool. part of the arctic Zoology 2 as far as printed for you. have you another; for we must not break a set. that work will become valuable for faintheartedly I printed but few. White must supply you with title pages.

I have an attack of the gout in my left foot: but not on my head, spirits or hands: so I can write & paste away most furiously.

Pray let me know is Andrea Doria, Sebastian King of Portugal. the Great Emanuel, any of the Philips of spain to be had. ^Heemskirk Richardson is the honestest of the tribe. if you have health & spirits pray examine & favor me with the prices. Is there no dutch monfaucon antiq. fr. in any of the sales.

my M.S.S. go on fast. one bound in vellum equals the London binding done in Wales.3

I never heard of Mr Smiths pretty work till I saw it. a most malignant shaft was aimed at me by Nichols the Mag. printer last summer: but my constitution was SO good as to repel the venom.

Yrs most truely

T Pennant.

Let me know what you have of the Edinburgh Barbers work. I can supply you with more.

If you determine to have London to Dover re copied my young ^man may ^now have time to do it: but perhaps you will get it more finely done in town by people who write for copper plates.

Editorial notes

1. This probably refers to etchings discussed by Bull in 1117. See etching of Mapleton Church near Ashbourn Derbyshire and etching of Church of St Margaret's, near Lincoln Cathedral.
2. The 'Zoological part of the arctic Zoology' refers to the material following the 'Introduction of the Arctic World', evidently in the first edition of Arctic zoology, although the apparent reference to the incomplete condition of the work is surprising and may point to the early stages of printing the second edition.
3. The Welsh bookbinding work praised here was probably carried out by Thomas Roden.

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