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Dear Sir

I have been long in thanking you for your favor from Fareham. 2 But be assured I have not been idle in matters that you are interested in. my of London will find you full employ: How it will exercise yr collecting faculties. make much of it for those will be my last words to the public. Look to David for my postuma. [...]He sailed under yr isle in the finest morning and after experiencing co[...]lors & tempests & lying by a whole night off the french coast landed safe at Havre. in his way to Paris he visited Rouen, Caen, Bayeux, Cherbourg, Mt St Michel, St Maloes, Rennes La Flêche &c. is now departed for the south of France, & towards march will cross the Pyrenees. He progs well for his father: & has got for me among other good things Les delices de la gr. Bretagne.

Moses presents his duty: will soon send to you Catherine y Berain & the views done by Ingleby.3

I thank you for taking a copy of my arctic zoology. it will be a fine one & only reserved for the favored.4

My best Compliments attend miss Bulls.5 I wish them well thro their Winter immersion. Write soon. & give me all the news you can scrape.

Yrs most truely

T Pennant

My best wishes attend Mr Storer. I wish Mr Burel health: but all out of humour with him.


Along top of second page in Richard Bull's hand:

pay Griffith

Editorial notes

1. The year is added in Richard Bull's hand.
2. There is no letter addressed from Fareham in Bull’s correspondence with Pennant during 1787.
3. For Pennant's offer of Moses Griffith's services to copy drawings by Ingleby of Welsh scenes, commissioned by Chiswell, see 1065.
4. See 1065.
5. Elizabeth and Catherine Bull.

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