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Dear Sir

I was much affected with the account of poor Mr Burel. to hear of so heavy an affliction befalling a person I was making no unjust complaint of really touched my heart & softened it into the most perfect forgiveness.

Take my word for it four out of the six parts of the great Sussex map are engraven. I saw three or four four [sic] of them at Arundel Castle. & one or two no further off from you than the Fountain at Portsmouth. they were done by Yeakel & Gardner under the patronage of the D. of Richmond. I am not without hopes of getting them as I have applied to a friend of his Grace’s.

If you can discover who has bought Edmondson's stock, the plate may be found.

Moses's account went with the pdrawings. The shell is the Pomatia see journey to London. p. 336. in the note2 Mr Chiswel has caused Mr Ingleby his Welsh artist to go & draw many more houses for his welsh tour. if you wish it moses shall copy them on thin paper for you.

I wish very much to reprint 60 copies of my Introduction to the arctic Zoology3 on the same paper & type as Cook's voyage, the finest copy. I do not grudge you or any friend any little expences I may now & then be on their account: but now think I have a little clame in calling the few the very few on whose candor I can rely to bear a small proportion of expence in what I shall certainly not gain, but most probably lose. It is a favorite work of mine, & much so with foreigners. it is my whim that a few copies appear in splendor. I put each copy at 2 guineas will Mr Bull take one or more? I say 60 copies: but only 50 will be for England. the other ten I shall send gratuitously to foreign accaademies. take this plan in the light of a friend, as perfectly uninterested.

my son left me on Friday on his visit to France & Spain. In less than a fortnight he will sail under your island: if you & Miss Bulls4 meet him Pray honor him with a salute. As he goes first to Weymouth to take leave of his Aunt, he will embark at Southampton or Portsmouth.

My best wishes attend you & yours. Pray do not forget Mr Clark. I am
Dr Sir
most truely yrs

Tho. Pennant


Sideways along fourth page, in Thomas Pennant’s hand:

George Paton of Edinburgh

Editorial notes

1. The year '86' was probably added later by Richard Bull.
2. Pennant notes the reference correctly, as a note on p. 336 of The journey from Chester to London (1782). See further 1064.
3. This apparently refers to 'Introduction of the Arctic World', first published in Arctic zoology (1784), I, and suggests that Pennant had plans as early as the late 1780s for its reissue as the first of three volumes in a second edition in 1792, entitled Introduction to the Arctic zoology.
4. Elizabeth and Catherine Bull.

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