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Dear Sir

I take too much pleasure in serving my valued friend ever to check his requests by chiding: especially as I have at different periods so many clames for indulgence. Ingleby is set to work in the manner you direct. his first drawing shall be that of the hall at Mostyn, which is one of the very few that savors of high antiquity. Ingleby did one for me some time ago & that very much to my satisfaction. I can sympathize in sorrow with miss Bull & you: deep wounds are long in cure; & slight matters often set them a smarting again. In our dresing room are two miniatures by miss Folkstone. one of Tom; the other of his dear departed Sister. In my passage I often steel a look; & think with envy of her blessed situation. To heighten the Idea, I think of Peter’s charming picture: you know the print & cannot but think of it with rapture. In respect to Tom he maintains a course of innocency I trust incorruptible by the new scene he is entering on, a college life. The Dean of Christchurch accepts him as a member next month. Mrs Pennant & I deliver him to the Dean on the 13th. ^octr. after a stay at oxford of a few days, it is probable that we shall cross the country to Bath. my stomach requires the waters not from beastly excess but from a twelve[...]months grief, or vexation from causes laudably excited.

We met with this post a cruel disappointment in respect to the report of peace, from the wicked fabrication for fraudulent ends. That it may be realized is the sincere wish of every good man. Besides the common calamities of War, the prospect of so bad a season as we have may excite civil commotions as, if good ones were at the command of a minister.

I divert my mind with our old employ, the ornamenting my labors. at present Whitford & Holywell are in hand. I have also another design to give the semilitude of my deceased friend Sir R. M. from a capital miniature by moses, but as yet I cannot catch schiavonetti, to do it justice. above the head shall be a memento to the heir, TANQUAM in SPECULUM.1

every good wish attend you & yours. Adieu Dear Sir,
Yrs most sincerely

Tho. Pennant.

Richard Bull Esqr. | Northcourt | Isle of Wight

[Stamp (postmark)] C SE 4 97
[Stamp (handstamp)] HOLYWELL

Editorial notes

1. 'as if in a mirror'. Pennant quotes from Terrence, ‘inspicere tamquam in speculum in vitas omnium jubeo, atque ex aliis sumere exemplum sibi’ ('the lives of other men should be regarded as a mirror from which we may take an example and rule of conduct for ourselves). See further FRO, Pennant's extra-illustrated copy of HPWaH, p. 54 (facing), for the print of Roger Mostyn, drawn by Moses Griffith and engraved by Schiavonetti, 1798.

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