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Identifier: NLW 5500C, no. 125
Editors: Transcribed by Ffion Mair Jones; edited by Ffion Mair Jones; encoded by Vivien Williams. (2019)

Dear Sir

This P.S. to my last letter comes attended with two print that you my [sic] instance Messrs White's liberality.1 I believe the whole number will be twenty three. To return to moses. He is deeply engaged with little miniature heads much to his loss: I wish him to engage with you & Mr Chiswell for in yr species of work he may get money. but he is amazingly obstinate.

with best wishes concludes, Dr Sir,
Yrs most truely

T Pennant

Downing Sepr 17th 1795

Editorial notes

1. The 'Messrs White' to whom Pennant refers were Benjamin White, senior, Benjamin White, junior and, possibly, John White. The prints mentioned have not been preserved with the manuscript.

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