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Identifier: NLW 5500C, no. 104
Editors: Transcribed by Ffion Mair Jones; edited by Ffion Mair Jones; encoded by Vivien Williams. (2019)

Dear Sir

We are now forty miles on our way to town. a more favorable account of my sister together with a wish to see us determined us to set out. our house is No 5 George Street Hanover Square. we shall not reach it till Friday. Please to send anytime on Saturday & as many of the drawings as moses has finished shall be deliverd to yr servant. I have much to shew you of my own M.S.S. We must hereafter fix a morning for that of Saturday will be taken up in the little businesses always attendant on the New-arrived. your account of the public schools is so just as to confirm me in my resolution of never sending my Tom to either one or other. my friend Lord Kenyon has three sons at Cheame. I know the connections of the master, Gilpin, & know them to be good. perhaps this may make it worth yr while to pursue the enquiry for the sake of yr female friend.2 Mrs P. & I think of making a visit to the place. Excuse more. I write at a late hour & half asleep.

Yrs most truely

Tho. Pennant.

Richard Bull esqr | Stratton street | Piccadilly | London

[Stamp (postmark)] B MR 14 92
[Stamp (handstamp)] NAMPTWICH

Editorial notes

1. The year is added in another hand.
2. The friend in question may be Louisa Clarges.

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