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Dear Sir

May this find you & yours, safe at yr fire sides in the capital. I have just escaped with mine from some visits in the vale of Clwyde; & had a narrow escape of being locked up. a lock up abroad is a terrible thing. at home a most comfortable one, for it effectually locks out all impertinancies. I thank you for your letter: in answer I say pray send to me immediately yr set of prints of arctic zoology & they shall be well done. under the nose a new print of myself is engraven:1 of a small size adapted to our quarto. I have a few proofs shall I paste one on large paper & let moses ornament it with foliage &c &c.

I see that mr Pitt & the post office are about something. I wish they may take away the cause of complaint & save me the trouble of pursuing the affair which I will certainly do, otherwise.

Be so good as to get into company with some litterary Nabob & ask the title of a book of anquetil de Perron's of his recent travels in India. it is in his journey from Goa to to Poonah2. It is not in his acct of the Ganges 2 vol. qto Paris 1786. all the world is growing mad after India. I have just finishd my XIth & XIIth folio volumes of the outlines of the Globe which two contain a brief acct of Indostan.3 I am now going on the India extra Gangen & the isles. I touch not on party for I cannot tell who to believe: but in general the beginning of my creed is Rogues all, Rogues all!

Yrs most truely

T Pennant

Pray bid Faulder to deliver to you to be sent down with the prints
Woodvilles medical botany. No XVI & No XXIII et seq.
Dalrymple’s indian Reportory. I took the liberty of ordering another small parcel to you.

my best wishes attend Storer & gen. Rainsford.

Richard Bull esqr | Stratton street | Piccadilly | London

[Stamp (postmark)] DE 17 91
[Stamp (handstamp)] HOLYWELL

Editorial notes

1. The engraving mentioned may be the work of W. Ridley.
2. Anquetil-Duperron made the journey from Goa to Poonah and Arengabad in March 1758, not as recently as Pennant's query might suggest. See Robert Orme, Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, of the Morattoes, and of the English Concerns in Indostan; From the Year M.D.C.LIX. (London: F. Wingrave, MDCCCV [1805]), p. 197.
3. The volumes on Indostan in 'Outlines of the Globe' were later numbered XIV and XV.

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