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Dear Sir

I am glad that the last parcel proved so satisfactory. those strange drawings were taken from a small M.S. composed by Hugh Alley citizen & plaisterer in 1598 in which he inveighs against engrossers & regraters but without one single argument.

I am sorry to hear so poor an acct of Cadels natural history: but I can readily return. as a curiosity I wd have you buy Bewicks Hist. of Quadrupeds octvo printed at newcastle on Tyne: for the sake of the wooden plates, an art he has successfully attempted to revive.

I left moses the arctic zoology & my Secretary about the journey from London to Dover: The last shall be sent to stratton street before you quit town: for there will be but few drawings for its margins.

I luckily got from oxford even in the three days I have been here the second vol. of Churchil’s voyages. I want now only the IVth (I think): but it is easily known by being that which contains Barbot’s description of Guinea with many plates. I wish to leave Griffith's acct till it has swelled to a greater amount.

I got here a copy of Lusty Packington see Baronetage article Packington: & London to Dover, article Greenwich Bridge.1 wd you have a copy?

I had the impudence of sending to you a few more wants last week inclosed to G. Rainsford. two little C. of Arragons will be welcome. you know my wants: if you chance to send any duplicate – I can soon return them. By the by, Don Quixots defeat before Barcelona?

The Rock is Dalar Goch near Disert. The castle near it is that of Disert. It is remarkable for producing quantities of lead ore, enriching the land lord: but attended by reason of expences ^with vast loss to the adventurers.

Griffith's drawings of birds equal to Albin's! Pray do not depretiate [sic] Moses with the odious Comparison.

The females of my house bodder me with the History of the future La[...]y Cholmondely night caps, bridal linnen &c &c That make me almost as sick as her Lords ostentatious display of his prodigious talents once so frequent with him.

I hope wars are going to cease upon earth. at lest the papers flatter us with the hopes. Dr Nash joins in best complimts.

Dr Sir
Yrs most truely


I make this week a strange diagonel [sic] of two counties to get to my next visits in cheshire. yr next may be to Downing.

Richard Bull esqr | Stratton street Piccadilly | London

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[Stamp (handstamp)] WORCESTER

Editorial notes

1. Writing about Greenwich Bridge in From London to Dover (1801), pp. 12–13, Pennant remarks that he is reminded of a 'wager laid, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, by Sir John Packington, commonly called Lusty Packington, that he would swim from the bridge at Westminster, i.e. Whitehall Stairs, to that at Greenwich, for the sum of three thousand pounds’, but that Elizabeth would not permit Packington to ‘the run the hazard of the trial’.

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