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Dear Sir

Next week I shall send the parcel directed to Mrs Luther: so you will get it earlier than by my first plan. my fame & master Faulders interest urge the new Edition of London. you may have flung some labor away: but have I not done the same? I shall augment & correct that considerably; so that I doubt not it will be an everlasting book. I am now plagued about new editions: one of the indian & another of the arctic zoology must go soon to the press: so you see how I am visited in my age for my old sins.

I have wrote today to London for paper for our Iter Doverianum or vectianum1 as it happens to be. For the latter Be so good as to pick up all you can about the pictures in at Sir Rd Worseley's.2 I am sorry you are silent about the new publication of yr delicious isle. It indicates no complimt to the performance. Is not Ireland’s Tour exquisite as to plates: but further the deponent saith not. I hope he will be encouraged at the former account in his voyage of the Thames. I feel yr distress at the redundancy of visitants. I have had my share: but there it was of old friends: I only complain that they came in gluts: I love hospitality: but not a great table: I never wish above five beyond my old family: a great meal & a great conversation never was to my taste, one loads my stomach: the other confounds my intellects. I have before me the prospect of a pleasant journey wind & weather permitting for I am to cross the abominable ferry at Conwy to my good friend Lord Penrhyn who urges us to come to see him at his old castle which I am told he has fitted up most admirably. a few other quiet friends will be taken in my way: & then I shall wrap myself up like a dormouse for the winter.

Health & happiness attend you & yrs.
Yrs most truely

T. Pennant.

Downing Septr 4th 1790


Above the beginning of the letter in Richard Bull's hand:

Ld. Fanhope chez Sir G. Cornwall.

Editorial notes

1. For the two journeys mentioned see A journey from London to Dover (1787) and A journey from Dover to the Isle of Wight (1787).
2. Bull appears to have responded to this request with an enclosure to 1112.

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