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Editors: Transcribed by Ffion Mair Jones; edited by Ffion Mair Jones; encoded by Vivien Williams. (2019)

Dear Sir

It is astonishing that Moses had so bad an opinion of his attempt to draw the head of Mr Pitt, that he would not charge it to you. & yet it has turned out a most fortuitous likeness. It was copied from Sherwins' print: how far that puppy will like the copying ^engraving it, I know not: but I wish you could execute yr design.

old Colonel Lutterel Grandfather to the present Ld ------ ^Irnham1 married a Jones of Halkin who had been his servant. from them sprang miss Lutterel, afterwards widow Horton, now Dutchess of Cumberland. I shd have said first, from her was likewise descended Lord Irnham since Earl of ----- ^Carhampton2 I do not know where. Hence the Ducal & Baronial (now [...] Earl's) coronets are pendent to the arms. The Jones’s are of a good welsh stock. their estate & seat bought by Ld Grosvenour’s father.3

You are alway striving to oblige me. thanks for the offer of the four apostles - [...] Evangelical which I accept tho’ they are almost out of fashion.

Henry V. pawned his crown to carry on a glorious war with France. our boasted yout youth, to support a party rebellious to his father; & to squander on horses, wh–s & profligates. I will believe anything of his friend the duc d’orleans.

Edwards has wrote me an exculpatory Epistle. He offers me the Worsley's Wight in green russia L. P. but a lesser one will do. since I wrote last I have reached Rye: & my want increase. could you possibly get for me the published copies of Yeakel & Gardners [...] maps of Sussex I saw them often pasted on the walls of inns in that county. but cd not procure them. If a small p. copy of wight falls in yr way Be so good as to get it. I need not remind you of answers about the french heads4

I sympathyze with you in respect to miss Bull the younger. my poor little boy instead of a chearful Holydays has been confined to his bed with the rheumatism: but thank Heav^n has been free from pain these two days.

I hope we may soon have opportunity to [?cong]ratulate each other on their perfect [...]

adieu Dear Sir
Yrs most truely

Th. Pennant.

Downing January 9th - 90.

Richard Bull esqr | stratton street Picadilly | London.

[Stamp (postmark)] JA 11 90
[Stamp (handstamp)] HOLYWELL

Editorial notes

1. Inserted on blank line in Richard Bull's hand.
2. Inserted on blank line in Richard Bull's hand.
3. Lord Grosvenor at this time would have been Richard Grosvenor, first Earl Grosvenor (1731–1802), politician and landowner. His father was Sir Robert Grosvenor, sixth baronet (1695–1755), of Eaton Hall, near Chester, MP for Chester 1733–1755. Hist P; ODNB. No evidence has been found to corroborate Pennant’s claims about this family's purchase of the Jones estate and seat.
4. See 1094.

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