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Dear Sir

I hope to pick up more anecdotes about Enmore. but let me request you to be expeditious in befriending me with a copy of the plate &c. As some excuse to my friends for the trouble I give, let them consider me as a public man working for their amusement. I must have the actual survey of sussex; at lest as much as has appeared. That it is published is certainly for I have seen it nailed on the walls of a public house. I doubt not but Mr Burel could get it for me: or lend it or anything. other wants I wish to have supplied from him: such as an acct. of the foundation of the great Church on Winchelsey; & its fine monuments: & a copy of the inscription on the handmaid of of [sic] Beatrix a natural Dr of Portugal in the Ch. at Arundel. These are services I clame [sic] from you for perhaps Mr Burel will no more let a Letter of mine enter his house than he wd the writer.

Pray make my best complimts to Mr Storer. No delay shall be made about his little owl.

Moses is hard at work for you.

Yrs most truely

Thomas Pennant

Downing June 16th 1787.

Thanks for the print: & yr dutch news.

The collection of Portraits at Longleat the princely longleat are is amazing

Richard Bull Esqr | Stratton street Piccadilly | London

[Stamp (postmark)] JU 18 8[...]
[Stamp (handstamp)] 00 HOLYWELL

In Richard Bull's hand, on blank page:

[...] at Appuldurcombe.
Edward VI. Holbein, formerly in the Royal Collection
Henry VIII. Do.
Countess of Somerset.
Robert Earl of Essex - old 1572.i
Lady Worsley, wife to Sir Richard Worsley, & daughter to Sir Heny. Neville
a good picture by Cornelius Johnson.
Isabella Clara Eugenia, in a vast Ruff, - the picture from which the print is taken
2 large picture landscapes by Zucharelli - esteem'd the most Capital of his works.

Q. where pay the Bill of Moses's

On address side:

Q. what shall:
Bill wrong cast

8: 10.
8. 10-
8: 10:-
8. 10-
8. 10-
8: 10-
8. 10
2: 16. 10:
[...]1 10

i. There are no portraits as early as 1572 of Robert Devereux, second earl of Essex (1565–1601), who would in any case not have been 'old' as suggested here at that time. Bull probably means Robert's father, Walter Devereux, first earl of Essex (1539–1576); ODNB.

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