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Editors: Transcribed by Ffion Mair Jones; edited by Ffion Mair Jones; encoded by Vivien Williams. (2019)

Dear Sir

I am inexpressibly obliged to you for your last favor & for the pains you are at to gratify my amusement. I take on me your debt to Moses, so please to send me the other half of the note you shall be credited by him for the ballance. Be so good to keep by you what you have collected, till you get the heads from the octvo Rapin: I shall then take the liberty of desiring my engraver to add a small matter to the par[...][?cel] & then request that it may be sent by the coach. Inclosed is a list of desiderata from Mr Grose. I beg my thanks & best Complimts to him. I wish he could be quickened so that his present may join your prints. I insist on your informing me of the charges you are at on my account.

The cancels & additions I sent, suit the last edition of my voy. to the Hebrides.1 You should change yr copy: for perhaps a few more similar may appear but for the elect only. I have been before at some expenses in these donative additions: Mr Chiswel is at these but I ask none but rich friends & such who will not think me obliged to them.

Inclosed is yr pig of lead.2 the inscription is quite unintelligible, owing to the original false copying.

I approve much of Fox's indian bill.3 not that I love the man: but rejoice at the hopes of seeing due punishment inflicted on the eastern oppressors; & the poor indians from henceforth protected. – I am this moment inondé4 with company which stops my pen:

but let me with great truth conclude with saying how much I am
Dear Sir
Yr obliged &
affect humble Servt

Tho. Pennant.

our Representative is absent. I hope Sir H. Cl. will excuse my impertinence in Enclosing to him. I do it as to your friend

Just now my son writes me word that he shall pass thro London in his way to Wales. He shall wait on you about the 18th & call for the pacquet


goti drawing of the great carp from Hanmere.ii of 16: weight, with the account.

Editorial notes

1. Since Pennant writes here of the 'last edition' of the 'voy. to the Hebrides', he is probably referring to A tour in Scotland 1772, part I (2nd edn., 1776), rather than to the first edition of A tour in Scotland 1772, part II (1776).
2. See 1028, n. 6. The drawing mentioned here has not been identified.
3. See 1030, n. 2
4. 'inundated'.

i. Written in pencil underneath the date of the letter, the word 'got' is possibly in Richard Bull's hand, whereas the remainder of this marginal note is in ink and in Pennant's hand.
ii. Pennant's extra-illustrated A tour in Wales [external link], p. 218, includes a watercolour drawing of an unnamed fish, on a page entitled 'Hanmer'.

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