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Editors: Transcribed by Ffion Mair Jones; edited by Ffion Mair Jones; encoded by Vivien Williams. (2019)

Dear Sir

Your beloved Babe1 reached this place safely: & I hope in a few weeks will be restored to you highly improved under the care of its Dry nurse Moses. but lay figure aside, did you not once say that except the flags you wished to have only subjects to which I refer in the text?

Mr Burrel ma[...]de instances at his table for my copy of the scotch tour otherwise I should not have troubled you with the message.2

I have a L.P. copy of the journey to London layed by for my friend in stratton street. all his other instructions shall be most religiously observed.

I really think that if Captn Grose would cause sets of his prints which relate to my tours to be printed on small qto, he would get money by them. Had you not best speak to Hooper his Bookseller, who may be more fixed.

Was I not to have had the loan of the print of Sir Tho. Urquhart. That or any others may be sent to Mr Panton no 4 stone buildings Lincolns inn. He will readily bring the [sic] down after term.

Little Gibsons print should be got from Mr Walpole for our welsh tour. I will not trouble him with a Letter about it as you are on the spot: he will oblige me much by two impressions.

As for Mr Thane Be so good as to promise the following on my small qto size.3

Suffer me to charge you with another commission in which we are both interested Mr Faden ^Strand4 has already published maps of half my road from Chester to London, & told me that the other half (from Chester to Coleshill by Lichfield) was engraving.5 Be so good as to enquire if it is done, also whether the road from Chester to Holyhead is completed that6

Editorial notes

1. Pennant refers to a copy of one of his publications owned by Bull and sent to Downing for extra-illustration by Moses Griffith. The volume in question is probably the first volume of Pennant, A tour in Wales 1770 [1773] (1778). See 1027.
2. This would appear to indicate that Pennant was lending illustrated copies of his work to fellow antiquaries. Of his extra-illustrated 'scotch tours' at this stage, Pennant might have had available for borrowing A tour in Scotland 1769 (3rd edn., 1774), A tour in Scotland 1772, part I and A tour in Scotland 1772, part II.
3. It appears that Pennant's list of prints to be promised to Thane was torn out, possibly by Bull.
4. The insert is made in pencil.
5. Twenty-five maps of English counties were published by William Faden during 1749–96. COPAC.
6. The remainder of the text is lost due to a tear in the page.

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